The very first time Startup Weekend Kaunas is selling the paid tickets to the events, but we are bringing even more comfort for you! But let not this to scare you and keep reading!
  • The event Starts on 25th of April and will last until 27th of April. As always, we will Weekend split in two parts – on Friday you will have a chance to pitch your idea and start working on Saturday with your idea. Attention – This year tickets are paid and you’ll have only one chance on Friday. People without tickets will not be allowed to enter the venue. 
  • Cost of the trip “Startup Weekend Kaunas” is 11 Euros / person (we have to buy some rocket fuel). This is your golden ticket, because you will have only one chance on Friday. Those who will not be selected on Friday, cannot participate in further program of Startup Weekend Kaunas. Revenue collected from tickets will be used to ensure quality of the whole infrastructure.
  • Our crew size for this mission is limited, so only 120 participants will be enrolled on Friday. This time we want to ensure quality of ideas and that all teams would get equal amount of attention. Beside that, our “rocket”-venue has limited amount of space, therefore we cannot accommodate more than 90 people on Saturday and Sunday.

Now pack your ideas to bag, buy the tickets and let’s go on the adventure!
Please use further link to take your golden ticket: Online Ticketing