Awards Categories for Startup Weekend Kaunas


We have some amazing news for those who dare to join our “Mission to Space”! Hereby we announce award categories and prizes which will be given for the best teams and products on Sunday evening!

Awards! Check it out here:
The Best Mobile Solution:
Nokia Lumia phones for the whole team provided by Microsoft.

The Best Weekend Idea
Tennis Table from Data Dog!

Lucky Crew Member 
Foosball Table Garlando F-100 from “Foosin” and  ”Producters”.

The Best Business2Business / Business2Poeple Solution
Device to have fun (Stay in tune) from Nextury Ventures

The Best Financial Technology (FinTech) Solution
iPad for the winners from Startup Highway

Developer’s Challenge
Day with the Senior Developer from Data Dog

Android – Making Business Easier
Android Academy Courses from Telesoftas

The Most Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas
Digital Commercial Campaign Provided By AdForm

The Most Devoted Team:
10 Coffee Sessions with separate work place at Coffee-Inn + 100 coffees from Coffee-Inn

The Best Marketing Strategy
SEO know-how seminar for the team + SEO for their website from SEO Helis

This year we have amazing additional prize for the Lucky Crew Member from “Foosin” – company that promotes and builds table Foosball community in Lithuania, and  “Producters” – experienced software geeks and tech entrepreneurs who adore creating fascinating software products!
Foosball Table Garlando F-100.

More are coming up soon!

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